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Ashley Spires
Presentation Information

Due to Ashley's heavy workload, she will be unable to do any school visits for the coming year.

Ashley would love to come visit your school or library! She is comfortable entertaining grades K-8 with her interactive presentation. For the younger groups (K-2) Ashley finds it best to present for a maximum of 45 minutes, while the older grades can run from 60-75 minutes.

Ashley's presentation centres on some of the common questions children ask her. How to do you get your ideas? and How do you know when your drawings are good enough? Through illustrated examples, she discusses the various stages of the book making process to emphasize just how much work it is to make an illustration. Most students expect to sit down and draw something perfectly the first time, which can lead to a great deal of frustration. Ashley shows the kids just how many times she has to draw something to get it right and even then there are many imperfections. After Ashley takes some questions, she concludes the presentation with a group drawing session. Ashley will lead the kids, step by step, through the drawing process and have even the most hesitant of drawers whipping up their own versions of Binky, Dog or Penguin.

For all of her presentations, Ashley will need a laptop and a projector for her powerpoint. Also a flip chart or something similar will be needed for the drawing segment.

For the older grades (5-8), presentations can be tailored to fit curriculum as needed. For example, some classes may be exploring the world of graphic novels. Ashley can lead classes through the various stages of story boarding and character development to help the students create their own stories. If there is anything you would like Ashley to focus on, please let her know when you make your presentation request.

*Note: Ashley often travels with her small dog, Gordon. He is soon to be a character in the Binky Adventure series, and LOVES kids. If you are comfortable having pets in your schools or libraries please let her know as Gordon would love to be a part of the show.


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